Style guides, Ghostlab and the Open Device Lab

I’ve just been into a little bit of R&D time at work at the mo and thought I might share some of the awesome that I’ve come across today alone.

Style Guides

Firstly I’ve been looking at what are loosely labeled as style guides or pattern libraries – loosely because they seemed to be called one or the other depending on whether you’re looking at them from the front end or the design perspective, and each has a pretty varied definition anyway.  What I’m talking about is something like (the mecca of FE style guides / pattern libraries) Style Guide over at Code for America.  I actually couldn’t even tell you what Code for America was really, but their style guide is something to melt hearts.

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Yes! This is it! Post number 1000…. Which is interesting because officially this blog is 15 years old next year. Isn’t that a bit weird? I think it’s kinda crazy. TGM is older than all of my kids.

But anyways… You would not believe the fun I’m having running! I started a new job three weeks ago and when I went in to sign my contract I was asked if I enjoyed running. “Er…. yeah…” “cool, because we’re doing a 5km in November and we want to enter you too. You don’t wanna be that guy, right?”

Oh peer pressue, how I bow to you.

In other areas of my life I’ve been struggling a bit too, so running for mental health in particular running is a reeeeally great medicine. So now that I’ve built myself up for the 5km on Wednesday night, I decided I needed to work on my short distance game. So today I hit a 12 minute Cooper test. Here’s the result:

My fastest EVER 1km! Yesterday I thought I was bolting doing my 4.5km run when I was clocking in 5min 50s per km (couldn’t sustain it though!). Today my first km was 4min 53s! I didn’t sustain that over the 12 minutes, but sooooo impressed with myself anyway, and now I have a goal to break that 12min record. According to Wikipedia I’m hitting the bottom end of average with 2.2km in 12mins… but that’s better than the bad I would have been a few months ago.

Loving, loving, loving running. Can. Not. Get. Enough.


I’ve gotten ridiculously geeky in the last little while and have set up my [sons] weather station!

On a recent visit to stay with his Grandfather, Zayne came home with a brand new never-been-out-of-the-box weather station. He was quite excited about the idea… And I was about to explode! I’ve always wanted one of these toys so was quick to offer to assist to put it up.

I’ve got the thing publishing to the web now. You can see it all here. Today – at my brother Nath’s request – I’ve added a webcam to it, simply by pointing one out our dining room window. The only real issue I have ATM is that I’m running Cumulus which is awesome freebie software, but comes with a functionality downside. You have to keep it plugged in constantly to collect data. No huge biggee… Just… Now all I gotta do is migrate the whole shebang to the box in the dining room so I can have my laptop back!! If I could get that box to run Plex too then I’d be completely sorted!

Beta Country

Yes, yes.  I know it’s bad – but I’m totally running WordPress 3.6 Beta… in production.  I couldn’t help it.  The slick interface for the post formats made me want it now!  Suitably impressed and really couldn’t wait the supposed 2ish weeks for it to get past Beta and into full release.    And Twenty Thirteen?  Slick theme folks. Loving it.

Denim Pants

Bren: Yeah, Like my black jeans

Sophie: Grey jeans

Bren: They’re black.

Sophie: No they’re not.

Bren: Yeah they are.  Jeans are only two colours.  Blue or black.  Those are just faded black.

Sophie: So what about all the other colours? Green, red…?

Bren: They’re not jeans, they’re denim pants.


Its lonely here in TGM.

Its like walking in to an old haunted looking house. There is a lot of dust, spider webs and stale air. I swear i can hear whispers of geeks long gone.

If only there was something of worth to steal, like a TV or a PC, no one would notice!. And I do need a new PC.

To stir thing up I’m gonna say the following and see if I get any bites.

I only have 8 weeks left….

Your turn TGM!